VILLA-LOBOS: Complete String Quartets works

18x26' min | Music Doc Series | 

Full HD | COLOR | 5.1 Surround Sound

   One of the most prestigious string quartet ensembles in Brazil, the Radamés Gnattali String Quartet, interprets all 17 works of Heitor Villa-Lobos String Quartets and draws the first 3 bars of the 18th Quartet composed by the maestro shortly before his death in 1959.

   These 18 episodes, with the best chamber music in Brazil, are narrated by Turibio Santos, a personal friend of Villa-Lobos and President of his museum for 23 years. 

   The texts are by Arnaldo Estrela, one of Villa-Lobos closest friends and a virtuoso pianist who dedicated his writings to interpret Villa's exceptional string quartet works.

Quarteto Radamés Gnattali - Villa Lobos - Quarteto Nº 1 -  2º Movimento (HD)
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