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52' min. | Music Documentary | 

4K | COLOR | 5.1 Surround Sound

   The Jazz Trio TOQUE BRASILEIRO, composed by Cesar Machado (Drums), Adriano Giffoni (Electric and Acoustic Bass) and Reinaldo Arias (Piano and Arrangements) interprets some of Villa-Lobos' most famous and beautiful songs, reaffirming the conductor's unquestionable presence in all aspects of Brazilian music. Songs like O Trenzinho do Caipira, Caicó, Melodia Sentimental, Bachianas N ° 5, among many others, gravitate between the erudite and the popular.

   To give it the final touch, an unprecedented interpretation by Raimundo Fagner, which adds the lyrics of poet Ferreira Gullar to the classic Bachianas N ° 2, lending the song even more popularity and Brazilian identity with a dose of the best of Brazilian Jazz.

TOQUE BRASILEIRO - Bachianas no.5 (Villa Lobos)
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