LIQUID VOICES - The story of Mathilda Segalescu

80' min | Feature Film Opera | 

4K | COLOR | 5.1 Surround Sound

   A Turkish fisherman collects in his fishing nets a piano that was at the bottom of the sea. With it, the specter of Mathilda Segalescu, a Jewish singer who's boarded the Struma, the last ship to leave Romania towards the Promised Land carrying in its bulge more than 800 Jews fleeing Nazism during World War II. Upon arriving in Turkey, the country refused its mooring for refueling, leaving the ship adrift until it was sunk by Russian attacks. The fisherman falls in love with the artist's ghost and becomes obsessed with approaching her until he realizes that the only way to do this would be through his own death.

LIQUID VOICES - The Story of Mathilda Segalescu
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